Armin van Buuren Teaches Dance Music

armin van buuren masterclass download, Armin van BuurenTeaches Dance Music

33 Lessons

Learn how to make dance music from the platinum-selling producer voted No. 1 DJ in the world five times by DJ Magazine.


Exclusive lessons from Armin designed to unlock your creative potential and up-level your mixing.

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Every week, Armin van Buuren puts 41 million listeners into A State of Trance on his radio show. In his first-ever online class, the platinum-selling DJ breaks down his hits—and builds a track from scratch—to show you how he produces, performs, and promotes dance music. You’ll learn his technical process for using samples and plug-ins, mixing, recording vocals, and building a DJ set. Your crowd is waiting.

Lesson Plan

  • 01 IntroductionWelcome to Armin’s studio. Get ready to learn more about producing, DJing, and growing your career from one of dance music’s all-time legends.
  • 02 Finding Melodic InspirationArmin’s production process starts with crafting melodies full of emotion and drama. Here are his techniques for creative melody making.
  • 03 Building Your Home StudioArmin might be teaching from a professional studio, but you can do everything he’s doing on your home computer. Here’s what you need to start making great tracks without breaking the bank.
  • 04 Templates and Organization in Logic ProIt may sound strange, but for Armin great tracks start with great organization. Learn how to streamline your DAW projects for less hassle and more creativity.
  • 05 In the Studio, Part 1: MelodyIt’s time to shift gears a little and watch Armin put some of the techniques he’s been teaching you to work. With the help of his producing partner Benno de Goeij, Armin’s going to produce an exclusive track right here in his MasterClass. This chapter is the first of eight parts showing you exactly how an Armin van Buuren dance floor hit gets made.
  • 06 Working With Pads and LeadsUse these production tricks to get more presence in your leads and fill out your track with euphoric atmospheres—all without clogging up your mix.
  • 07 In the Studio, Part 2: Pads and LeadsArmin and Benno start searching for the right melodies and sounds to fit the vibe of their new track.
  • 08 In the Studio, Part 3: More LeadsExperimentation plays a huge role in Armin’s production process. Watch how he keeps trying new musical ideas until he finds the sounds that truly inspire him.
  • 09 Creating A Groove, Part 1Dance music should make people dance, but it takes skill to give your tracks the sonic impact they need to rock a crowd. Here’s how to dial in your kick drum and bass sounds.
  • and more…

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