EC21 Clone

EC21 Clone
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trademart is a bundled B2B marketplace script that enables you to get started with your own online b2b ecommerce website similar to EC21 clone. Contact us for custom development inquiries.

The Best EC21 Clone for Online B2B Website Requirements

EC21 Clone Script PHP, Open Source

EC21 Clone Script is a wonderful solution for the start-ups who want to launch his/her own business. EC21 PHP Clone Script is an Internet Business-to-Business model that involves businesses that perform services or provide products for other businesses.

NCrypted Websites’ EC21 Clone Script is an Open Source Clone Script and you can even integrate your own function using customization as per your business needs. EC21 Clone Script is the Best B2B E-Commerce Website Script and coded using PHP and MYSQL and it is a stand alone software so no need of 3rd party installation like Joomla, Magento or WordPress.

Why Should You Go for EC21 Clone Script from NCrypted Websites’ Only?

Online marketing with innovation is something that is must for your business in today’s technological world. This is why you need to SHOUT about your business and get the brand out there, especially on the Internet.

The more you let people know about you, the more people will remember about you. Hundreds of surveys are conducted resulting to only one conclusion that E-Commerce is the ultimate king of the business industry and shall rule it for decades ahead.

So, to provide this value to your customers, you need EC21 PHP Clone Script. EC21 Clone Script is an Open Source B2B E-Commerce Clone Script which allows you to set your own E-Commerce website.

Revenue model of EC21 Clone Script

EC21 clone is primarily based upon the notion to act as a mediator between the buyer and the supplier to carry out the business trading deals and activities.

Besides this, it implements a unique revenue model, wherein the revenue can be generated from the supplier in case he/she wants to get his/her product featured exclusively on EC21 clone. This is merely the fees supplier needs to pay to get premium services over EC21 clone.

As EC21 is the Global B2B Marketplace Script, there are many ways to earn from EC21 Clone Script. Here are the ways.

Download EC21 Clone Script (ZIP)

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