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Eventbrite Clone Script with Mobile App

Eventbrite Clone Script with Mobile App
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Eventbrite Clone Features

Do you want to start event planning, management, and ticket selling platform? Our Eventbrite clone script will help you set up your platform in no time at a highly affordable price!

Sign up, Create an Event, Share on Social media, Track the Booking, Scan QR code at the Venue to Check-in.

Eventbrite Clone Highlight

  • Login/Sign Up
  • Event Creation & Management
  • Event ticket Booking & Cancellation
  • Unique QR Code with Ticket
  • Comission per ticket booking
  • Email notification engine
  • Modular and scalable code

How Eventbrite Clone Works?

Technology underneath plays a very important role when you make the large-scale application. Eventbrite clone (Eventz)  is built on top of very popular LAMP stack. We have used Laravel MVC framework for coding and Twitter’s Bootstrap for UI design.

  • Normalized database design
  • Built on top of LAMP Stack
  • Laravel MVC framework used
  • Easy to use & manage
  • Scalable code architecture
  • Advance Security

We took care of two core things. The code that responds, load website fast and the design that is easy to understand and use. Both the things will result in improve on-site engagement and you may receive high conversion on your website!

Eventbrite Clone Customization

We can develop any features or module on top of the existing features. We know this thing before start working on the Eventbrite clone script. And that is probably the only reason why we choose the modular development approach for the Eventbrite clone product. It enables us to accommodate any of your requirement easily without affecting existing components and features.

How Eventbrite clone can help you get started with Online ticket booking Website and Mobile App ?

Each business has its own unique set of the requirement based on the kind of user audience they are serving.

We have created the base Eventbrite clone product that covers most fundamental needs like event management, ticket selling, payment processing, email notification, booking/cancellation etc needs.

You may need to customize the script for the specific set of features your business may demand.

Get Free Download Eventbrite Clone Script (Zip)

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