Freelancer Clone

Freelancer Clone
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freelancer clone script free download, wordpress and php script

Take our Freelancer clone application on your smart mobile phones. The mobile application will provide all the features of the website. Get in touch with Logicspice today to get a demo of your app.

Freelance Clone Features

  • Manage Profile

    Freelancer can view their profile & can manage (add/edit/delete) Profile (First Name, Last name, Address, Email Address, Paypal Email Address, Profile Picture).

  • View Employers Profile

    Freelancer can view the employer’s profile, reviews & ratings received from the past freelancer, payment-verified or not etc.

  • Project Listing

    Freelancer can view the list of projects and details like no. of bids, deadline for bid, price.

  • Send a Proposal

    Freelancer can post a proposal for the project on the Portal by answering the questions & providing estimation on it.

  • Accept/Decline Project

    Freelancer can accept or reject the project if any employer award project to them within the time period.

  • Browse Projects

    Freelancer can browse projects by applying filters for category, budget, skills & keyword. Freelancer can apply to sort while browsing projects. Freelancer can view the project description in detail with reviews & ratings, bids on the project, project posted, hires, address etc.

  • Scan & Write Proposal

    Freelancer can scan proposals and mark as favorite. They can write a proposal for saved one.

  • Place Bid

    Freelancer can place the bid on the project by entering estimated budget and time frame.

  • Search Projects Workers

    Freelancer will be able to search projects by keyword, skills. They can filter projects by budget, type.

  • Get Awarded

    Freelancer will get a project through the portal & can accept the project.

  • Project Detail

    Freelancer can view the complete detail of the project on site as title, description, no. of bids.

  • Receiving Payment

    Freelancer will request for the payment & can receive payment as per the milestones. Freelancer can view all Payment History.

What does our Freelancer clone script offer you ?

Logicspice offers freelance marketplace script, developed to build your own freelance marketplace similar to upwork clone, elance clone and more. Freelancer marketplace is the revolutionary platform for business interactions where employers search for the best talent and freelancer get hired for their best skills. This is the medium for freelancer and employers to interact with each other.

The freelance clone script comes with amazing and innovative features, bidding module, project module. It is an cost effective approach if you are looking to setup your business with small investment. A freelance marketplace software is the easiest and quickest method to let your own freelancing website. Our script upwork clone, elance clone, is similar to freelancing websites and include most of the functionalities.

Full freelancer clone script free download (Zip)

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