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Kickstarter Clone
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CrowdPHP has OOPS MVC PHP based simple Framework ,It is Fast,Compatible and supports various languages Plug-ins,template engine RBAC building & Multi- databases.

UI is designed for ease of users, They can easily navigate options, create new projects , back projects and it is Similar to kickstarter .

Using a MVC based framework Crowdphp can be integrated to any other Payment Gateway or API’s.

You can contact us or hire any PHP developer for custom workCrowdPHP is usins Opensource technology, Which allows it to expand further to any possible feature.

Kickstarter Clone

With Crowdphp you get power to unleash a site like or Indiegogo alike sites.

When you buy from us , You get all features needed to kickstart your site.All you need is a server ,We can install CrowdPHP for you. It is recommended to get a Linux based Server, This is what you get

  • Full Source Code
  • Free Support
  • Payment Gateways
  • Social Logins
  • SMS Integrations
  • Multiple Pledge Packages
  • Review System
  • Secure Backend
  • Fully White Label Solution
  • User Levels
  • Project Levels
  • Role Based Access Levels(Admin/Staff)
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