Steve Martin Teaches Comedy

Steve MartinTeaches Comedy, steve martin masterclass free download

25 Lessons

In 25 video lessons, Steve Martin teaches you everything from finding your comedic voice to nailing your act.


Learn from the legendary comedian in his first-ever online class. Only available through MasterClass.

A comedian walks into a classroom…

One of Steve’s first gigs was at the drive-in movies. When the audience liked a joke, they honked. In this class, Steve shares insights from performing for cars and humans over a 50-year career spanning sold-out arenas and blockbuster films. Learn how to find your voice, gather material, develop an act, and take your comedy to the next level.

Lesson Plan

  • 01 IntroductionMeet Steve. He’s one of the most accomplished comedians of all time, an acclaimed writer, actor, and musician. And now, he’s your instructor.
  • 02 Getting Started in ComedyNo talent? No problem. Steve shares some ways that anyone can jumpstart their comedic journey. He didn’t let a lack of talent slow him down and thinks you shouldn’t either.
  • 03 Gathering MaterialInspiration is all around you if you know where to look. Steve teaches you how to keep your eyes open and reveals some of the most abundant sources of comedic material.
  • 04 Finding Your Comedic VoiceFiguring out what you have to say can be one of the most daunting tasks a comedian faces. Steve provides some effective techniques for identifying your own unique voice and channeling it into comedy.
  • 05 Developing a Comedic PersonaIt’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it. Steve explains how his own stage persona emerged and teaches you how to cultivate one that will take your material to the next level.
  • 06 Jokes and BitsThere are a million ways to get someone to laugh. Steve refutes the myth that you need a punchline to be funny and analyzes a number of joke structures that you can use to keep them in stitches.
  • 07 DeliveryThe difference is in the delivery. Steve offers techniques for pacing, physicality, and timing to help you hone those jokes you’ve written for the stage.
  • 08 Crafting Your ActSo you’ve got some jokes – now what? Steve reveals how you can turn your material into a stageworthy act.
  • 09 Student Session: Workshopping Nalini’s First Stand-Up ActSteve sits down with a group of young comedians and gives Nalini hands-on guidance in the development of her very first stand up bit.
  • 10 Student Session: Workshopping Tim’s ActSteve examines one of Tim’s bits and illustrates how he can heighten the comedy, connect with the audience, and streamline his performance.
  • 11 Opening and Closing Your ActA strong opening and closing are the keys to a memorable act. Steve talks about the importance of these moments and shows you how to use them to your advantage.
  • and more..

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