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Dominique Ansel Teaches French Pastry Fundamentals

Dominique Ansel Teaches French Pastry Fundamentals download

Dominique Ansel Masterclass – Teaches French Pastry Fundamentals

Meet your new instructor : James Beard Award-winning pastry chef Dominique Ansel. Step into Chef Dominique’s bakery as he shares his vision for the class to teach you the fundamentals of pastry and a curated selection of stunning desserts.


Pastry, to me, has a very emotional connection with people. We eat food because we need to feed ourselves. But dessert is always an extra. It’s always something plus.

People will drive very far away for good desserts. People will bring their friends, their family. It’s something so simple but something so close to them and so dear to them. They want to share good food with the people they love. And I always, when I create new desserts, think of this and try to apply it into what I create.

This class is not just a technical class. It is more wider, and it will open your mind to think of food differently, to think of pastry differently. I’m going to teach you the building blocks of pastry– the base, the filling, and then the finishing. I’m going to teach you how to put everything together and also how to be creative and, with a simple recipe, make something beautiful.

01. Introduction
02. Dominique’s Journey: Beauvais, Boulud, and the Bakery
03. Mini Madeleines
04. Fruit Tart Base: Vanilla Sablé Shell
05. Fruit Tart Filling: Pastry Cream
06. Fruit Tart Filling: Quick Strawberry Jam
07. Fruit Tart Finishing: Classic Strawberry Presentation
08. Fruit Tart Finishing: Modern Apple Presentation
09. Chocolate Cake Base: Biscuit
10. Chocolate Cake Accent: Swiss Mini Meringues
11. Chocolate Cake Filling: Mousse
12. Chocolate Cake Finishing: Assembly & Presentation
13. Bonbon Base: Tempered Chocolate Shell
14. Bonbon Filling: Dark Chocolate and Banana Passionfruit Ganache
15. The Perfect Croissant
16. Case Study: The Cronut®
17. Thinking Creatively About Pastry

Free Download Dominique Ansel Teaches French Pastry Fundamentals

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