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Doodly Lifetime Deal – Recently, Doodly whiteboard animation videos have become increasingly popular. Videos like this have a high conversion rate simply because people love watching them and find them engaging, beautiful, precise, and entertaining. In the same way that some teach you things by sketching on paper, they are frequently used to convey concepts.

What is Doodly?

Whiteboard animation software is what this is. Making drawings is simple with the software’s Drag and Drop interface. Doodly distinguishes out from the rest of the pack since it is simple enough for even non-techies to utilize. Doodly allows you to easily generate a wide range of video formats.

You may pick a picture from Doodly’s collection, place it on the canvas, and the program will draw it out for you. You may also submit your own photos in addition to the pre-existing ones. Doodly Promo free library allows you add sound effects after you’ve finished sketching.

Doodly Whiteboard Animation Software’s Advantages


Animated video purchases can be very expensive. Doodly, on the other hand, allows you to create an animated video without spending a lot of money up front. Because of this, it has a low monthly fee, and paying for a year in advance might save you some money as well. The payment gives you unlimited access to animations once you’ve made a purchase.

Simple to Understand and Use

Make professional-quality movies with Doodly without spending a lot of time learning the ropes. Everything you need may be done at your computer, which is quite convenient. Easy-to-use program with great Drag and Drop functionality.

Library with a Big Selection

There is an extensive collection of photographs, characters, props, and soundtracks available if you subscribe to the Enterprise package. In addition, new content is added to your library on a regular basis since the program is updated. You can turn any image into an animated GIF with Doodly.


If you’re looking for software that’s multipurpose, go no further than Doodly. You may use it to create commercials, how-to videos, book reviews, and other sorts of displays. You may increase the number of views on your YouTube channel by uploading videos made with the program.

Doodly Promo one time payment

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