6+ Best Yoga Benefits for Heart Health

We all know that Yoga offers a lot of benefits but more importantly, it does a lot of good for your heart. If you are not sure about the real benefits of yoga for your heart, this article will guide you on how to start your yoga journey!

Yoga is a very popular form of exercise because of its numerous benefits. It is a practice of combining poses that help you relieve yourself of stress, find your balance, enhance your flexibility and strength. A regular yoga activity helps improves your overall well-being.

Yoga poses have been incorporated in so many forms of exercise and health regimen. More than the physical challenges, yoga helps your heart become stronger and healthier. When you practice yoga you are taught how to breathe properly and this brings you to a state of relaxation.

How Can Yoga Help Me Get A Healthier Heart?

There are 6 common forms or branches of yoga and it has its own focus and characteristic. You can choose from any type of yoga but for starters, you can begin with a hatha yoga. Hatha yoga is the yoga that focuses on the mind and body. This is why we recommend you start with this one.

  • Deep breathing helps the heart.

For anyone who has never tried yoga, you will have to learn the basics first before you can do the different poses. By basic I mean deep breathing, just this simple exercise will already do wonders for your heart.

It is said that we have taken breathing for granted that we don’t notice how fast we actually inhale and exhale thus making our hearts more tired.

  • Yoga breathing techniques strengthens heart muscles.

Deep breathing helps strengthen your cardiovascular muscles and as you hold the pose, your body and mind will focus on the task and the breathing will be your guide as to when to switch poses.

You are taught to breathe at an interval thus resulting in a more relaxed state even after a rigorous yoga session. You learn to pace your breathing, you will notice that you feel calmer and more relaxed.

  • A few minutes a day of yoga is all you need.

It doesn’t really take much to get into yoga so you can have a healthier heart. We all have busy lives and all aspects of it keep contributing to stress which is not at all good for our hearts.

But a few minutes of your time each morning is all you need to achieve a healthier heart. 15–20 minutes of breathing exercise is all you need!

  • Yoga breathing helps remove heart blockage.

The pranayama will help you remove heart blockages. It is known to be very effective in improving the flow or circulation of the blood towards the heart. This form of breathing exercise is often recommended by doctors!

  • Yoga meditation is also good for the heart.

This helps you achieve a sense of calm and relaxation that is greatly beneficial to your heart! Sometimes even a rigorous exercise can harm your heart.

It doesn’t really take much to get into yoga as a way of life. We need to take care of our hearts for us to enjoy life to the fullest.

  • Yoga improves blood circulation.

For those who are living sedentary lifestyle, practicing yoga can help improve blood flow and pumping action of the heart. You don’t have to force yourself to achieve the advance poses.

What is important is that you practice it and experience the progress gradually. However, if you have preexisting health conditions, it is best to ask your doctor first.

  • Helps lower the resting heart rate.

There are particular yoga poses that can help lower the heart rate. A lower resting heart rate may indicate a healthy heart condition. There are lots of things around us that affects our heart rate.

This includes stress, anxiety and even the food we eat. Some of the poses that can help are chest opening postures.

Principles of Yoga and How It Helps Your Heart

The philosophy behind yoga is that its imagery is likened to a tree; there are roots, branches, a trunk, with blossoms and fruits. When your body, mind, and spirit is united positive aura starts to flow and this is what helps you achieve a healthier heart.

The basic principle of yoga is deep breathing and meditation, during a calm state your body is relieved of stress and anxiety. As we all know, these are the most common cause of heart ailments. We live in a fast-paced world; unhealthy lifestyle and diet often make it worst.


We have already established our goal and that is to have a healthier heart through yoga. What’s good about yoga is that you can choose to enroll in a class if you are not confident that you can follow the principles but you can also choose to do it at home!

This is what’s good about modern technology, it brings the service right to your own living room, including a yoga instructor! For starter you can check out hatha yoga; it involves very slow, gentle movements that are good even for beginners of age 60 and above as well as people with heart conditions.

Has this guide been informative? I sure hope so because prevention is always better than cure and making your decision to start a healthy lifestyle through yoga will definitely be good for your heart! Don’t wait until you are forced because of a heart condition, start now and reap all the benefits of yoga and see how it can change your quality of life!

We all want to live longer, don’t we? What’s better than to live a long and healthy life, without a constant trip to the hospital or walking slowly with a cane! That is not a way to live! Start your yoga journey to a healthier heart!