Top 5+ Best Ways Yoga Benefits Pregnant Mothers

Yoga Benefits Pregnant MothersDuring pregnancy, the woman’s body undergoes several physical and emotional changes. These changes bring stress mentally, emotionally, and physically.

One of the most effective ways to keep a healthy body and mind is through Prenatal Yoga. This type of Yoga concentrates on poses for pregnant women to not only increase their strength but also their flexibility.

In a research conducted by the University of Manchester and Newcastle, it was revealed that attending a Yoga class significantly decreases anxiety among soon to be moms.

But what precisely can this ancient practice do to help you in one of the most difficult stages of being a woman? Here is a rundown of some of the pregnancy benefits of Yoga that you still do not know.

  • Yoga Tones Crucial Muscle Groups

Liz Owen, a Yoga teacher, and the co-author of “Yoga for a Healthy Lower Back: A Practical Guide to Developing Strength and Relieving Pain” explains how Yoga benefits pregnancy.

Owen says that it tones the body to prepare it for the birthing process. This includes the abdominal core, pelvic floor, and the hip. When these muscle groups are properly tones, they achieve the right balance between strength and length.

It is not too tight and not too lax. You can achieve this by executing several Yoga poses. This includes gentle backbends and lunges. These poses can also help lessen the pains and aches that you will normally experience for nine months. It will also help you bring back your body after giving birth.

  • Alleviates Back Pain and Morning Sickness

One of the worst phases of pregnancy is the endless feeling of morning sickness and nausea that happens. There are some who have not experienced morning sickness.

Instead, they suffer from this nagging sensation on their throats and would trigger vomiting when they smell something.

These feelings and mood swings could be lessened, if not eliminated if you know how to practice Yoga breathing. Aside from nausea and morning sickness, pregnant women also suffer from back pain.

Regular practice of Yoga can help alleviate you from this pain. It will also improve your posture.

  • Yoga Provides More Support

While it is true that our body is changing, during pregnancy, the women’s body undergoes an accelerated leap of change. This is according to Jane Austin, founder of Mama Tree, a prenatal Yoga school based in San Francisco.

As a pre and postnatal Yoga teacher Austin quips that because of pregnancy, the body needs to adjust and compensate.

The Yoga intended for pregnant women is made to offer support to these changes. It offers safe and healthy ways for pregnant women to stretch and strengthen the muscles in their body. This results in alleviation in the process of supporting budding belly, especially in the lower buddy part.

  • Yoga Prepares You for Labor and Delivery

Austin also shares that one of the top priorities in the classes in Mama Tree is educating women to trust their bodies to open up during labor. She said that when women are afraid, they tend to tighten up. This tightening could lead to the cycle she calls fear tension pain.

The Yoga teacher believes that this cycle can disrupt the woman’s effort to stay calm and present during labor and delivery. Several yogic techniques like deep breathing and mindful breathing can help the body relax and loosen up.

Austin adds that it could guide the women to reach the mammalian place. In this place, women can let their body do what they are designed to do, that is, giving birth.

  • Reprieve From Several Pregnancy Pains

Nausea, back pain, insomnia, shortness of breath, and headaches are some of the common issues that pregnant women often complain about. Yoga helps you from suffering these common pains. Toning and stretching your muscles can help promote blood circulation in your whole body in a healthy manner.

In addition, deep breathing can help provide the oxygen that your baby and muscles might need. In a 2012 study conducted by the University of Michigan, it was revealed that mindfulness Yoga that mixes meditation practices and medical poses can bring significant relief to depression. This negative emotion is usually experienced by women in their pregnancy journey.

The study disclosed that while not all pains will certainly disappear, but it can help the body take the pain in stride. This is due to the multidimensional approach of Yoga that involves both emotional and physical health.

  • Provides More Connection with Your Baby

The act of scheduling a part of your week to attend a Yoga class is a good sign that you take time for yourself and for your pregnancy. This particular time also allows you to bond with the growing life inside your belly. During the course of pregnancy, your body will have various responses to several Yoga poses.

This will serve as a reminder of the physical changes that happen in your body. Yoga poses like the Hero Pose can be very helpful if you try to breathe deeply while you execute it.

You can connect to your baby by picturing out that every time you exhale you are hugging the baby. This can be done by gently sinking your belly back to your spine.

  • Have a Healthier Pregnancy

It is not surprising that studies have confirmed that a healthy mother will more likely give birth to a healthier baby. In a 2005 study made in India, it was revealed women regularly practicing Yoga during their pregnancy are less likely to deliver babies that have low birth weight.

It was also revealed that these women are less at risk to undergo preterm labor. The study is composed of 335 pregnant women. The first group practiced Yoga an hour every day.

The other cluster walked for 30 minutes twice every day. The results disclosed the women who practiced Yoga had given birth to newborns with healthy birth weights.